KidZone Play and Party

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and coronavirus

Please read more about us sanitizing, cleaning, and taking extra steps to be better protected against coronavirus, influenza and other viruses.

At KidZone we clean and sanitize our facility regularly, but with the latest covid 19 outbreak, we are taking several extra steps to be more protected. Everything we are doing is per the official recommendations by the Norwell health department, MA state health department and the CDC!

1-As of March 11th, per the recommendation of the Norwell and MA health department, everyone that has a cough, fever and or shortness of breath we ask you to please stay home. If your child has been invited to a party celebration we will give free passes and your child can come back and celebrate again for free with anyone that was not able to attend due to having a cough, fever and or shortness of breath. Masks will not help and, if a child or adult requires a mask, it is best to stay home or see a doctor. Please be understanding as this is a very difficult time for everyone!

2-We are asking all employees to stay home and see a doctor if they any cough, fever and or shortness of breath. No employee will be penalized!

3-We are cleaning several times a day based on the recommended cleaning by the CDC for child care facilities. Cleaners used are CDC recommended to be effective in killing coronavirus and are EPA approved for regular usage.

4-We have about 1 year supply of hand sanitizer, although we are using about 4 times that what we normally use. When attending KidZone everyone (kids and adults) will be using hand sanitizer 2-3 times while there.

5- We have installed Bio-Shield UV-C air sanitizer system in our HVAC system and we recirculate the entire kidzone air constantly (24/7) to kill any viruses. According to the manufacturer this is very effective in killing influenza, as of 3/11/20 the experts are unsure on the effectiveness on coronavirus. It is harmless to humans. We want to thank “2nd Gen electric and HVAC ” for installing this so quickly for us.

6-We are cleaning all the frequently touched areas very very often. About every 40 min or so.

7-We have an emergency plan in place that includes Norwell health department and the state health department. All our employees are up to date with all the official information. We get updated daily. We are following only official recommendations from CDC, state health department and Norwell health department.

8- We clean and sanitize our carpet daily and deep clean/extract/sanitize 2 times a week.

9- We are monitoring and receive daily updates about the situations so that we can make informed decisions. Strengthen the system and processes we have in place and stay vigilant!

10- If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know. Please email us text us 781-421-6395 or call us. Everyone at kidzone is very thankful to everyone of our amazing customers. Thank you for your understanding and your support in this difficult time, hopefully it will soon be over!